KBEC-00209 - Restoring or creating the bundled plugins

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If CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow)'s installation plugin directory is empty or you want to restore all plugins originally distributed with the release, installing plugins one by one is somewhat painful. You can easily restore all bundled plugins.


CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) provides a procedure to install the plugins that came with original distribution.

To rerun the simple procedure:

  1. Find the directory of setup scripts in $DATA_DIRECTORY/server/setup.

  2. Save a copy of "60_installBundledPlugins.pl" as "60_installBundledPlugins.pl.orig".

  3. Make a small edit to the "60_installBundledPlugins.pl" script to change the file checksum. An easy change is to add a comment line or duplicate the entry for the next to last plugin in the install chain.

  4. using ectool, login as the CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) admin and call "ectool reloadSetupScripts".

  5. Check the plugins directory for the restored plugin content.