KBEC-00215 - Comparing deleteObjects and deleteJob

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In Commander v3.10 a new API call, deleteObjects was added. There is now a choice in how to delete jobs: deleteObjects or deleteJob.

The following information describes some of the tradeoffs when using these two API calls. For information on usage of these API calls, please refer to the Online Help or use "ectool --help on the Command line.



  • Requires a single job number as input and returns when the job is deleted.


  • To delete many jobs you must iterate through the results of a findObjects query. This iteration may be time consuming.



  • Simply marks the objects for deletion, then returns. This makes the call return very fast when deleting many jobs.

  • The deletes will then take place in the background.


  • The user must be aware that these jobs may be around for a time span until the background deleter has removed the objects associated with the job, and then the job itself.

Analysis when deleting jobs

deleteObjects appears much faster because it does not wait for the job to delete, it merely marks the job for delete.

Overall, the background deleter will be able to delete the jobs faster because of the methods it can use to optimize the deletions in chunks. deleteJob must wait for each single delete to complete before moving on to the next delete. This results in the delete rate for deleteObjects being faster (by almost an order of magnitude) than the delete rate for deleteJob.