KBEC-00226 - Abort and force abort implementation

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When a CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) step is aborted or force aborted, what mechanism is being used in the OS?


For force abort, the server:

  1. sends an abort command to the agent

  2. marks the step aborted (without waiting for the agent to finish aborting the step)

After the agent receives the message, it:

  1. sends a SIGTERM signal to ecwrapper

  2. waits for ecwrapper to complete

    1. ecwrapper in turn sends a SIGTERM to the actual running command even though this is a force abort.

    2. If the command does not complete in 2 minutes, ecwrapper sends a kill -9 to all child processes associated with this step.

In other words, regardless of regular abort or force abort, the agent waits two minutes before kill -9’ing the step.