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How do I access the name of the currently logged in user?.


From the Online Help

/myUser/... This property can be used only if the current session is associated with:

the predefined "admin" user, a user defined as "local", or a user defined by a Directory Provider (LDAP or ActiveDirectory).

This property cannot be used if the user is a "project principal", which is normally the case when running inside a Commander step.

For example, with an interactive login you can use:

ectool getProperty /myUser/userName (to get the user name of the logged in user, or...) ectool getProperty /myUser/email (to get the email address)


# Get the current userName

# This has to be handled differently if this code is running from within a Commander Step vs. externally.

# The property /myUser/userName can only be used when NOT in a Commander Step.

# In that case, use the property /myJob/launchedByUser.

use strict;

use ElectricCommander;

my $ec = ElectricCommander->new();

my $userProperty = '';


    $userProperty = '/myJob/launchedByUser';


else {

    $userProperty = '/myUser/userName';


my $xpath = $ec->getProperty($userProperty);

my $currentUser = $xpath->findvalue('//value')->string_value;

print "currentUser = $currentUser\n";