KBEC-00239 - What keywords are supported for Search?

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You want to run a search on non-date-specific keywords. For example, you want to get all jobs run within the past two weeks, or all jobs run this month. Rather than using a specific date for the search criteria, you want to use a non-specific search term. CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) provides this capability.


The CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) Search capability within the Jobs Quick View on the Home page, or on the Jobs or Workflows page itself, supports not only a date format (20130720), but full PHP supported Date and Time Formats.

For example:

  • To view Jobs created in the last two weeks, use the Intrinsic Filters to search for: Create Time after "2 weeks ago"

  • For all jobs since yesterday, use: Create Time after "yesterday"

  • For all Jobs created May 31, use: Create Time after "last day of May 2013"

  • For all Jobs created since the first day of July 2013, use: Create Time after "first day of july 2013"

  • For all jobs started after July 20, 2013, use: Create Time after "third sat of july 2013"