KBEC-00242 - Add script to a step to save a log to a unique separate log file

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When debugging an intermittent error, it is difficult to to track it using the default logs only. For an intermittent error, you can put a debug log script inside a step and then keep record the errors in a separate unique log file.


Perhaps there is a problem talking to the server and you receive an empty response (or an HTTP error) from the server.

To track this down, you could do one of the following:

  • You can put the following into a step command to query the $ec object to see if there’s an error:

    my $errMsg = $ec->getError();
    print $errMsg . "\n";
  • Turn on debug logging on the ec object during initialization:

    $ec = new ElectricCommander({debug => 1, logFile => 'waitForJob.$[ec:jobStepId].log'});

The reason for including jobStepId in the file name is that if this step is invoked multiple times in the job, each invocation’s debug output will go to a unique log file.

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