KBEC-00248 - Agent Memory configuration

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This article describes the agent memory settings and way to configure them.

8.5.0 and above

Installer will notice what type of install is taking place and will set the following settings:

For the standalone agent install the memory values will be:

  • init: 16MB

  • max: 64MB

If any of other components (server, web server, repository) is also installed, then memory values will be:

  • init: 256MB

  • max: 512MB

4.2.1 through 8.5.0

Default agent memory settings for standalone and heavily used agent are following:

  • init: 16MB

  • max: 64MB

Be advised, that those configuration settings could be insufficient and lead agent to run out of memory, especially for heavily used agents. In that case, manual configuration changes required as described in "Solution" paragraph.


In order to change memory settings, change the following lines in /conf/agent/wrapper.conf as per this example (Higher values could be used if necessary):

# Initial Java Heap Size (in mb)
# Maximum Java Heap Size (in mb)

Make sure to restart the agent service once you have made the changes to the wrapper.conf file.

Applies to

  • Product versions: Agent v.4.2.1 and up

  • OS vesions: All Supported Windows and Linux Agent Platforms