KBEC-00268 - Formula to estimate the required system memory for the Commander server

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Calculating the total amount of system memory depends on your server configuration, including the applications running on servers.

You can use the following formula to calculate and estimate the amount of system memory for the CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) server when you plan to buy new hardware or upgrade existing hardware.


This is the base formula:

Total Required Memory = ( Concurrent steps * Required Memory per step + Concurrent login users * Required Memory per login users + Required Memory for CMDR server daemons + Required minimum Memory for JVM + Required Memory for OS ) * Marginal correction factor

Use the following base factors in the formula:

Required Memory per step = 50MB Required Memory per login users = 10KB Required Memory for CMDR server daemons = 500MB Required minimum Memory for JVM = 2GB Required Memory for OS = 1GB Marginal correction factor = 130%

Use the following values for customer usage:

Concurrent steps = 100 Concurrent login users = 30

The total required system memory is 11,050, 390 KB.


It can be difficult to determine how much system memory is consumed by each of the job steps or the user because the amount depends on how complex the step is. You can determine the base factors based on information such as that from the Command log recording of the system memory usage.

Applies to

  • Product versions: All

  • OS versions: All