KBEC-00269 - Referencing Nested Property Sheets in Nested Procedures

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The parent procedure, Proc-A, calls the sub-procedure, Proc-B. VM_Mappings/Nested_VM is a Nested Property Sheet in the Custom Procedure Parameters in the called procedure, Proc-B.

How do you reference the parent nested property sheet in the child procedure?


To use a /myProcedure call in a sub-procedure, you can use the following commands.

  • To reference the nested property sheet in Proc-B, use this command:

      echo $[/myProcedure/VM_Mappings/Nested_VM]
  • To directly reference the nested property sheet, use this ectool command:

       ectool getProperty "/myProject/procedures/Proc-B/VM_Mappings/Nested_VM"

However, if the procedure names are not available or change because of the implementation, you can access the nested property sheet with these more generic commands:


echo $[/projects/$[/myParent/projectName]/procedures/$[ec:procedureName]/VM_Mappings/Nested_VM]


ectool getProperty /projects/$[/myParent/projectName]/procedures/$[ec:procedureName]/VM_Mappings/Nested_VM