KBEC-00288 - Backing up projects and other info from CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) using EC-Admin

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I need to back up my work in Electric Commander, and version it in some way.


While Electric Cloud is working on Version Control in an upcoming release, for those on 5.x and older versions of the product, there are some procedures in the EC-Admin plugin that could assist as a workaround until Versioning is completed as a native feature in Electric Commander.


The first procedure is saveProject. With this procedure you can export your projects intoa directory on the Commander server. Running this procedure on a schedule to run at least daily will ensure that your projects are backed up on a regular basis. Once exported, the .xml files that are created can be stored in your company’s Code Control system.


This procedure allows you to save other objects at a finer granularity than just doing a full system export, it exports your projects, procedures and workflows, and also allows you to export objects such as resources, pools, and workspaces, as well as users and groups.


You can create a schedule to perform these exports on a regular basis, thus ensuring that you have recent backups on a daily basis, or multiple times a day. When creating the schedule simply enter the Plugin: https://yourCDServer/commander/link/projectDetails/projects/EC-Admin- then select the procedure that you wish to run.