KBEC-00300 - Where is installer.log

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Where can I find installer.log?


Default Locations

C:\ProgramData\Electric Cloud\ElectricCommander\logs\installer.log



CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) still uses the name "ElectricCommander" at some of it’s places, so you still need to find the directory "ElectricCommander" at this moment.(CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow)

But, you may will meet changed name of this directory someday later if we decide to change this name to CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow).

Custom Data Directory

<commander/Flow data directory root>/logs/installer.log

Special Case: Installation Failures

Since the log file is copied to the data directory at the very end of the installation process, chances are it won’t be in the proper directory if the installation exited unexpectedly due to failures. You can find it in a temp directory where it was written during installation.

If you are running a command line install, the installer.log path will be outputted on the first line, even on silent installs:

vagrant:~$ sudo ./ElectricFlow-x.x.x.xxxxx
Logging to "/tmp/ijtmp_46CD8889-452A-37CF-4088-2A1295AAE0A9/installer.log"

If you are running a GUI install, a pop-up window will display the path to installer.log:

If you have lost record of this output, you can run a find command for installer.log in your system’s temp directory.

Applies to

  • Product versions: all(Include CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) \& Commander)

  • OS versions: all