KBEC-00313 - How to access postp error messages

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I’m getting a POST_PROCESSOR_ERROR when I run my step with postp. How do I find out what error postp is encountering?


When there are errors in the Perl code that is run by postp, the error message is captured by CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) and inserted into the postprocessor output text. You can access this by going to the job step details page, and under the Command section go to the Postprocessor Output link.

In some cases postp will generate no output, and thus this link will not exist. You can force some text to be generated by invoking something in the Postprocessor field before calling postp, such as:

echo hello; postp --loadProperty /myProject/extraMatchers

Alternatively, you can generate some text output in postpEndHook() in your custom postp matcher. postpEndHook() is executed when a log file has finished being processed. See the CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) documentation for more information about this function.

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