KBEC-00314 - How to get all version information of a Artifact?

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When there’s a job and as the result of the job, sometimes I would like to get the all version information of my Artifact which is created by the job.

But, when I run findArtifactVersions to get this, it only returns latest version.

What function should I use to retrieve this properly?


To get the list of artifacts published by a job, you need to use the "findObjects" API to look up artifact versions by the publisher job ID.

use strict;
use warnings;use ElectricCommander;use strict;use warnings;
use ElectricCommander;
my $ec = new ElectricCommander;
my $jobId = $ec->getProperty("/myJob/jobId")->findvalue("//value")->value();
my $response = $ec->findObjects("artifactVersion", {
    filter => [
            propertyName => "publisherJobId",
            operator => "equals",
            operand1 => $jobId
foreach my $av($response->findnodes("//artifactVersion")) {
        "/myJob/published_artifacts/" . $av->findvalue("artifactName")->value(),
my $ec = new ElectricCommander;

This example show how to define findObjects function and how to put the result to property sheet.

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