KBEC-00322 - What happens to old sentry jobs?

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Only the most recent ElectricSentry job is accessible from the jobs page; trying to access previous sentry jobs leads to a page that says "NoSuchJob: Invalid property path."


Because ElectricSentry runs frequently and amasses a large number of jobs very quickly, by default old sentry jobs are automatically cleaned from the database on each subsequent Sentry run. Following the job link of an old sentry job will lead to a "NoSuchJob: Invalid property path" error, as the entry no longer exists in the database.

Accessing logs for old Sentry runs

Although job entries are automatically deleted, workspace files are not. The log files generated by these jobs will continue to exist within the workspace until that directory has been cleared. If you are looking for logs for old sentry runs, you can access them directly in the workspace directory.

Disable automatic cleanup

You may need to prevent old sentry jobs from being cleaned for debug purposes. You can do this by disabling the last cleanup step:

  • In the Commander UI, click on the Administration tab and go to your plugins page. Go to ECSCM and click on the ElectricSentry procedure.

  • In the last step named Cleanup, set the run condition to 0.

We recommend making this change only when you need the job entries for debug purposes; revert the run condition when you are done. Note that this change may be overwritten during Commander upgrades, as ECSCM is a default plugin.

Applies to

  • Product versions: All

  • OS versions: All