KBEC-00323 - How do I get the jobId in 5.x and beyond?

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How do I easily find the jobId now that it is the UUID in version 5.x and beyond? Especially if I have changed the job Name Template so that the UUID is no longer included in job names?


Starting with version 5.0, CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) uses a universally unique identifier (UUID) for all ID properties (such as jobId and workflowId). Previously, these properties were self-incrementing integers that were created directly by the database. The UUID number is an auto-generated 36-character string.

You may need to retrieve the jobId for running various commands (such as the ectool getJobDetails command). In this instance, the project level jobId that is created by the job name template migration scripts will not work, you will need to find the UUID to have the real jobId number. To get the Job UUID do the following:

In the CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) UI, click on the "Jobs" tab and locate the Job for which you want to get the UUID.

In the below screenshot the job is " build2_OnelPlatform":

KBEC 00323 A

Next, click on the Job you are interested in to get the UUID of the job on the browsers address bar. In my case the UUID for my job is "de9547fe-a596-11e4-9e3b-080027a41600"

KBEC 00323 B

Now I can run the ectool command as follows:

ectool getJobInfo --jobId de9547fe-a596-11e4-9e3b-080027a41600