KBEC-00325 - Can’t access attached credential using ectool getFullCredential

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Trying to access credentials within a step using ectool getFullCredential gives the following error, even though the credential exists and is attached to the step:

ectool error [InvalidCredentialName]: 'my_credential_name' is not a valid attached credential name


When credentials are referenced outside of the project they are defined in, such as when they are passed to a plugin step, you must specify the absolute path to this credential in your ectool getFullCredential call.


Suppose we have the credential "Build User" is defined in project Foo. To get the password of this credential from inside another project, first attach the credential to the calling step, then use the following command:

ectool getFullCredential ``"/projects/Foo/credentials/Build User" --value password

Applies to

  • Product versions: all

  • OS versions: all