KBEC-00327 - Git CI Schedule fails with error "Return from RunCommand"

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CI schedule triggered using a Git configuration fails with the following error message in the logs:

Log Command: git ls-remote -h YOUR_REPO_URL Error: Return (16777215) from RunCommand. at (eval 31) line 362.

Note that the line number information may vary depending on your ECSCM-Git plugin version.


The failure occurred when your agent tried to run git ls-remote. Please check the following:

  1. Is git installed on this agent? The git command must be installed for the ECSCM-Git plugin to run successfully.

  2. Is the git version installed up to date?

  3. Are you able to directly run git ls-remote -h on your agent using the parameters given to the CI configuration? There may be an issue with running git on your machine.

Applies to

  • Product versions: all

  • OS versions: all