KBEC-00335 - Troubles during "ElectricCommander" setup on a Windows host where McAfee Antivirus is used

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When you install CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) software (Agent / Server / Web Server / Repository Server) on a Windows host you can encounter an "Install Error" and a failed setup as a result.
In the "C:\ProgramData\Electric Cloud\ElectricCommander\logs\installer.log" file you can find notifications like:

07/06/2015 23:48:00PM - Unpack Error: Error in thread tid...
07/06/2015 23:48:00PM - Unpack Error: Error in thread tid00001330: could not read "C:/Program Files/Electric Cloud/ElectricCommander/perl/bin/parl.exe": no such file or directory
while executing
"file mtime $dest $mtime"
(object "::3A2828C7-0D3F-406A-875A-2215F38F3F55" method "::File::installfile" body line 58)
invoked from within
(object "::3A2828C7-0D3F-406A-875A-2215F38F3F55" method "::File::install" body line 6)
invoked from within
"$file install"
(procedure "::InstallJammer::InstallFiles" line 20)
invoked from within
(procedure "::InstallJammer::UnpackMain" line 49)
invoked from within
(file "c:/temp/ec/ijtmp_D071025B-199E-48A2-BD59-5766655B682D/unpack.tcl" line 19310)

Also if you check McAfee Antivirus software activity you can find a note:

7/6/2015 11:48:00 PM Deleted CORP\Svc_AccuRevBld C:\ElectricCommander- C:\Program Files\Electric Cloud\ElectricCommander\perl\bin\parl.exe Artemis!6595D6DAFAAB (Trojan)

"C:/Program Files/Electric Cloud/ElectricCommander/perl/bin/parl.exe " file considered as a virus by McAfee software and is blocked during "ElectricCommander" installation process.
++To avoid this install issue you can:++

  • Temporarily disable McAfee Antivirus Software on a Windows host to install "CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow)"

  • Reboot Windows to a "Safe Mode" install "CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow)" and after that reboot host to a "Default Mode" again