KBEC-00346 - Setting up access to CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) job step logs in non-default zone

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When using remote agents in a non-default zone, this may require using a local workspace or an alternative method should the logs need to be accessed when the agent is offline.


  • Using local workspace

    This is the simplest way to setup the log access. The job step log is accessed by the agent on a web server via gateway from the remote agent in the non-default zone then shows up in the CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) web UI.

    A local workspace is local to the agent, it does not display when the agent is offline or recycled when using cloud agents. If the data in the log, or the full content of the log, needs to be preserved, you can save the log in a property by using "" or equivalents. This will actually store the log into the database which may have effect on database space and performance.

  • Using "ecremotefilecopy" utility

    Please checkout the online help here for details. This will show the log only after the steps are done and logs are copied over to the server machine. This works across zones as long as gateway configuration is proper. In this setup, the workspace for the steps running on remote zone agent needs to be accessible by the web server directly via UNC for Windows web server or via Unix path via Unix paths.

    • For Unix like agents, the agent needs to be able to write to "Unix path" from it’s perspective which could be a local directory of "Unix path" or mounted from some other place to "Unix path".

    • For Windows agents, the agent needs to be able to write to the "UNC path" of the workspace from it’s perspective. You may need to work with your system administrator to set this up.

Applies to

  • Production versions: 4.2+

  • OS versions: All