KBEC-00366 - Adding new Tab for Customized UI

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You can add new Tabs to the CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow)'s UI by adding it to the View, a layout of tabs in CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow).


You can add tabs and specify who can view them through Server and User Properties.

  1. Go to Administration Tab and Subtab Server.

  2. Select ec_ui under Custom Server Properties

  3. Select availableViews and create a new View by selecting 'Create Property'. A view is an XML property. The following is a list of elements that can be defined in a View:

    • Base - the name of a base-line view from which to inherit tab and subtab definitions

    • Tab - a top level tab

      • label - the text to display for the tab

      • url - the target URL of the tab

      • accesskey - the keyboard shortcut to access this tab (a single letter)

      • position - the position of this tab relative to the other tabs (integer greater than 1)

      • hide - when inheriting from another base view, the tab will be hidden

      • tab - a subtab that is displayed within this tab. Has similar properties of top level tab except for accesskey.

    Example: standardUser

    + image::KBEC-00366_-_Adding_new_Tab_for_Customized_UI/5d6984c40836c.png[]

  4. Using the Users sub tab under the Administration tab, create Users or Groups to contain the new View property:

    1. If the Nested sheet ec_ui is not created, create it by clicking 'Create Nested Sheet'

    2. If the Property defaultView is not created, create it by clicking 'Create Property', while in the nested sheet ec_ui

    3. The Value of the property 'defaultView' will be the View you created under the ec_ui in the Administration/ec_ui/availableViews nested sheet.

    the Names of these values are case sensitive.

    + image::KBEC-00366_-_Adding_new_Tab_for_Customized_UI/5d6984c4c4c30.png[]

    + The property ec_ui/defaultView, if set, determines the view for users inheriting from that object. This property follows normal inheritance patterns, where the lower level’s property will override the parent’s value if set.

    + After the value is set, you may need to re-login to the user/group specified for the new View.

    + image::KBEC-00366_-_Adding_new_Tab_for_Customized_UI/5d6984c565c01.png[]