KBEC-00392 - Steps to convert from HA setup to Single node server

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If, at any point, you need to convert from a High Availability setup to a Single node Server, please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that your Passkey, Database.properties, keystore, and Commander.properties are all up to date

    • You can download all of the latest versions for the files listed above by going to your Zookeeper server

  2. Shutdown Servers/Nodes intended to be shutdown

  3. Run the following command on the remaining server to turn Cluster Mode off:

ecconfigure --serverEnableClusteredMode=0
  1. If you originally had a Load Balancer as part of your HA setup, you can remove it and take down the machine. However, you will need to configure your web server to target your Server instead of your load balancer:

ecconfigure --webTargetHostName=
  1. Remove Server settings regarding HA setup:

    • You can clear 'Server IP Address'

    • You can clear 'Stomp Client URI'

    • Reconfigure the 'Web Server Host'

  2. After these steps, you will be on a Single Server. You can now take down the Zookeeper Machines and any Load balancer you have been using.