KBEC-00406 - Simulating a "Silent" Uninstall

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This article will describe how you can simulate a "silent" uninstall by automatically filling in 'Y' when prompted in the uninstaller.


You can run a silent install which allows you to automate the installation process by specifying command-line options rather than manually in the installer interface. However, this feature does not extend to the uninstaller.


You can simulate this by creating a file that contains all of the necessary information for the uninstall process and redirecting this file to the uninstaller.

Currently, the uninstaller only prompts the user once:

This will completely remove ElectricFlow from your system. Are you sure you want to do this? [y/N]
  1. Create a file y.txt

  2. Enter the following text to y.txt

  3. Run the uninstaller while redirecting y.txt

sudo /opt/electriccloud/electriccommander/uninstall < y.txt

The uninstaller should complete and enter 'Y' automatically.

One difference between this method and a true "silent" uninstall is that you’ll still see the standard uninstaller output rather than nothing at all.