KBEC-00460 - How to bypass user validation when installing CD in Windows systems

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When Installing CloudBees CD Server or Agent in Windows system and you want to specify a domain user to run the services, according to your AD configuration, it´s possible that the CloudBees CD installation process will not be able to connect your AD to validate the user, and will not allow you to finalize the installation process.


You will need to install CloudBees CD using a local account.

And once installed, change the service configuration to use the desired domain user.

Please, before changing the user to run the service, make sure the selected user has permissions on the folders where you have installed CloudBees CD, by default:

  • Install Directory: C:\Program Files\Electric Cloud\ElectricCommander

  • Data Directory: C:\ProgramData\Electric Cloud\ElectricCommander


This issue applies for:

  • CloudBees CD Server

  • CloudBees CD Agent

  • CloudBees CD Web Server

  • CloudBees CD Repository Server