KBEC-00471 - Logs not loaded with jobs executed in Windows agents running CloudBees CD 10.0.X version

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In CloudBees CD 10.0.X, when running jobs in some Windows agents, if we check the logs during the job execution we can see them properly, but after the job execution the log page appears empty in the application.

If we open the log file related to these jobs directly in the workspace, we can see that the file contents are there.



This issue is fixed in the CloudBees CD 10.1 LTS release.


As a workaround in CD v10.0.x installations, we can modify in all of the CloudBees CD Web Servers in the cluster, the file yourCDInstallationPath/apache/htdocs/commander/WorkspaceFileSection.php, line 568 from

if ($this->convertCharset != '') {


if ($this->convertCharset != '' && strtolower($this->convertCharset) != 'cp437') {