KBEC-00478 - How to find ancillary tools version in CloudBees CD

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CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) uses a set of ancillary tools to provide all the required functionality.

In this article we will depict some external component that CloudBees CD uses and how to find the specific version:


CloudBees CD Web Server Components:

  • To check the Web Server component, such as Apache, PHP or OpenSSL version, you can access the URL https://yourCDServer/commander/info.php

CloudBees CD Server Components:

  • Java JDK: /opt/electriccloud/electriccommander/jre/bin/java --version

  • Java Service Wrapper: /opt/electriccloud/electriccommander/server/bin$ ./wrapper-linux-x86-64 --version

All CloudBees CD elements (Server, Web Server and Agents): Additional CloudBees CD components can be found in <COMMANDER_HOME>/bin.

  • ec-groovy: ./ec-groovy --version

    • In order to execute ./ec-groovy you need to define your enviroments variables COMMANDER_HOME and COMMANDER_DATA.

export COMMANDER_HOME="/opt/electriccloud/electriccommander"
export COMMANDER_DATA="/opt/electriccloud/electriccommander"
  • ec-perl: ./ec-perl --version

  • ec-jruby: ./ec-jruby --version

  • openssl:

    $ ./openssl
    OpenSSL> version
  • Some other components depend on the CloudBees CD version and match with the current installed version in the system, all of them are named with the ec* name and the specific version can be found using ./ec* --version, for example: ./ectool --version.