KBEC-00487 - Changing the banner color for CD

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I have a Dev, Staging, and Production CD clusters, and I would like to upldate the color of the banner to help differentiate each environment.



Please go to https://www.cloudbees.com/ and click Submit Product Feedback and vote for this feedback request:

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You can modify the css manually, though this will have to be re-done after any future product upgrade, and this workaround may not be applicable in future versions.

This workaround has been tested with CloudBees CD version . Here is what the banner looks like before the workaround:

KBEC 00487 before

If running in Kubernetes, we first need to find the pod that is running the flow-web app:

kubectl get pods --selector='app=flow-web'

Once we know the pod name, next we need to exec into the pod name, for example:

kubectl exec -ti flow-web-7cdf96c9d4-hzrbg -- bash

If you are not running in Kubernetes, you will need to login to the machine (or machines) that are running the web server components of the product.

Finally, the following command is applicable regardless if you are running on traditional platforms or kubernetes (change 1c74cc in the command below to the color you would like)

cd /opt/cbflow/apache/htdocs/flow/public/app/assets/css/
cp main.css main.css.bak
sed -e 's%.bg-dark{background-color:#1e252c%.bg-dark{background-color:#1c74cc%' < main.css.bak > main.css

After running this command, the UI will look like:

KBEC 00487 after

Tested product/plugin versions

CloudBees CD version