GitHub events not Processed in Time due to Lock held by 'GitHubClient.checkApiUrlValidity'

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  • GitHub Events are not processed by the Organization / Mutlibranch Event mechanism on time

  • Thread Dumps show many BLOCKED threads waiting for a lock on org.jenkinsci.plugins.github_branch_source.Connector.connect similar to:

      "Executor #-1 for master : executing <itemFullName> #1" [...] waiting for monitor entry [...]
          java.lang.Thread.State: BLOCKED (on object monitor)
          at org.jenkinsci.plugins.github_branch_source.Connector.connect(

    held by a single thread, similar to:

      "class org.jenkinsci.plugins.github_branch_source.PullRequestGHEventSubscriber$SCMHeadEventImpl Thu Jun 10 16:50:16 PDT 2021 / SCMEvent [#3]" #609 [...] waiting on condition [...]
          at org.jenkinsci.plugins.github_branch_source.ApiRateLimitChecker$LocalChecker.waitUntilRateLimit(
          at org.kohsuke.github.GitHub.checkApiUrlValidity(
          at org.jenkinsci.plugins.github_branch_source.Connector$GitHubConnection.verifyConnection(
          - locked <0x000000055d407510> (a org.jenkinsci.plugins.github_branch_source.Connector$GitHubConnection)


This is caused by a known issue JENKINS-65262: High lock contention in Queue causes builds to not trigger introduced in both release line 2.9.7 and 2.10.2 of the [GitHub Branch Source plugin]. The problem occurs when hitting the GitHub rate limits. One call wait for the rate limit quota to resets while holding a lock on the Connector. This blocks threads to even lookup for a connection.

This issue is fixed in version 2.10.3 of the GitHub Branch Source plugin. Also backported to version 2.9.9.


The solution is to upgrade CloudBees CI to version or later.


A workaround is to upgrade the GitHub Branch Source plugin:

  • to version 2.10.4, if running CloudBees CI 2.277.x or later

  • to version 2.9.9, if running CloudBees CI from version 2.222.x to 2.263.x