Jenkins Update Center certificate expiration

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On March 29th 2021 the SSL certificate used by the Jenkins Update Center will be rotated to a newer certificate. This is due to the existing certificate expiring in April 2021. Once the new certificate is installed Jenkins versions older than 2.178 weekly (April 2018) and 2.204.1 LTS (March 2020), won’t be able to communicate with the default and experimental update centers. This means that those affected would not be able to recieve updates through the Update Center UI in Jenkins for core or plugins and updates must be manually downloaded from It is important to note that this change will ONLY affect Jenkins servers that are using the default update center and are not using a self-hosted update center. This will NOT affect CloudBees Jenkins products (CloudBees CI, CloudBees Core, CloudBees Jenkins Platform, CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, CloudBees Jenkins Distribution). CloudBees has its own Update Center with a different certificate.

For more information, please see the blog post: Update-Center certificate rotation


  • Jenkins older than 2.178 weekly (April 2018) and 2.204.1 LTS (March 2020)


Upgrade your Jenkins server to 2.178 weekly/2.204.1 LTS or newer before March 29th 2021.

If you are using a CloudBees Jenkins product you do not need to take action as you will not be affected