SECURITY-170 Advisory

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Parameters aren’t passed to a job if it doesn’t declare them. In your instance logs you can find various warnings like :

WARNING	hudson.model.ParametersAction#filter: Skipped parameter `FOO` as it is undefined on `MY_JOB`. Set `-Dhudson.model.ParametersAction.keepUndefinedParameters`=true to allow undefined parameters to be injected as environment variables or `-Dhudson.model.ParametersAction.safeParameters=[comma-separated list]` to whitelist specific parameter names, even though it represents a security breach


  • CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center 1.609.x.y >= 1.609.18.1

  • CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center 1.625.x.y >= 1.625.18.1

  • CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center > 1.625

  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.609.x.y >= 1.609.18.1

  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.625.x.y >= 1.625.18.1

  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.642.x.y >= 1.642.18.1

  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise > 1.642

  • Jenkins LTS >= 1.651.2

  • Jenkins >= 2.3


  • Update any plugins in your environment which are listed with a fix on this list of impacted plugins.

  • If no fix is currently indicated, please file a bug report if one does not already exist to help ensure that the appropriate plugin maintainer is informed.


The fix for SECURITY-170 consists of the following change in Jenkins behavior:

Only build parameters that have been explicitly defined in a job’s configuration will be available by default at build time. Any other arbitrary parameters added to a build by plugins will not be available by default. As there are a number of plugins that rely on the behavior in older Jenkins versions, upgrading to 1.651.2 or 2.3 means that certain build behaviors may be broken.

If a plugin or a job has to trigger jobA with a parameter Param1, it is now required to configure jobA as a parametrized job with Param1 as parameter.

Because various plugins were passing some hidden parameters to their jobs, SECURITY-170 will break them. The following solutions have been put in place as a temporary work-around to give the time to these plugins to be updated to propose a clean solution:

  • Option 1: It’s possible to restore the previous behavior by setting the system property -Dhudson.model.ParametersAction.keepUndefinedParameters to true. This is potentially very unsafe and intended as a short-term workaround only.


  • Option 2: To allow specific, known safe parameter names to be passed to builds, set the system property -Dhudson.model.ParametersAction.safeParameters to a comma-separated list of safe parameter names. Example:


  • Option 3: Set -Dhudson.model.ParametersAction.keepUndefinedParameters=false to no longer show these log messages.

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