Uninstalling CloudBees CI on modern cloud platforms from OpenShift

1 minute read

If you need to remove CloudBees CI from OpenShift, use the following steps:

  1. Delete CloudBees CI

    helm delete cloudbees-core
  2. Delete remaining volumes.

    oc delete pvc -l type=cjoc oc delete pvc -l type=master
In August 2020, the Jenkins project voted to replace the term master with controller. We have taken a pragmatic approach to cleaning these up, ensuring the least amount of downstream impact as possible. CloudBees is committed to ensuring a culture and environment of inclusiveness and acceptance - this includes ensuring the changes are not just cosmetic ones, but pervasive. As this change happens, please note that the term master has been replaced through the latest versions of the CloudBees documentation with controller (as in managed controller, client controller, team controller) except when still used in the UI or in code.