Using WebSockets to connect controllers to operations center

1 minute read

Starting with CloudBees CI version, WebSockets can be used to connect any controller to operations center. No special network configuration is needed because the regular HTTP or HTTPS port that is proxied by the CloudBees CI Ingress is used for all communications. A WebSocket is as secure as the underlying HTTP or HTTPS layer, which means that it is encrypted only when using HTTPS. CloudBees recommends using HTTPS with an up-to-date TLS certificate.

Using WebSockets is the recommended method for all new connections. It is a substitute for the older method and is simpler, more straightforward, and easier to establish. This feature allows for the controller to call back on the regular HTTP port, using WebSocket to set up a bidirectional channel.

Using WebSockets, controllers can now be connected much more simply when a reverse proxy is present: if the HTTP(S) port is already serving traffic, most proxies will allow WebSocket connections with no additional configuration.

WebSockets provide the following benefits:

  • Uses best practices to set up secure connections, enhancing overall security.

  • Increases productivity by simplifying a previously complex administrative task.

  • Provides easier and more comprehensive support for any controller on any cloud platform.

Refer to the following topics for more information about using WebSockets: