Security fixes

Fixed security vulnerability in the Kubernetes Client API plugin (BEE-14547)

A security vulnerability in the user interface would allow an authorized user to enter YAML information that could be processed by the Kubernetes Client API plugin.

The Kubernetes Client API plugin has been updated to a version that is not affected by this vulnerability. This issue has been resolved.

New features


Feature enhancements


Resolved issues

Fixed corruption issue with the Email Extension plugin (BEE-14859)

A corruption issue with the Email Extension plugin was causing login errors on the receiving mail server.

This issue has been resolved.

Known issues

Ingress Annotations missing during controller provisioning (BEE-1208)

A known issue is preventing the operations center Ingress annotations from being inferred during controller provisioning, if you use Kubernetes version 1.19 or later. It is particularly impactful if you use the AWS Load Balancer Controller because the controllers are not accessible after a stop and start. Additionally, it may cause issues when you use the NGINX Ingress Controller.

Refer to the knowledge base article Ingress annotations missing during controller provisioning in 2.319.2.5 through 2.319.2.9 for a workaround. This issue will be resolved in an upcoming release.

Amazon Application Load Balancer (ALB) provisioning and installation errors

An invalid Ingress was created for the hibernation monitor on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) if you used the AWS Load Balancer Controller. A hot fix was applied to the Helm chart to resolve this issue.