CloudBees CI release highlights

What’s new in CloudBees CI 2.414.1.4

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New Features


Feature Enhancements

The User Activity Monitoring plugin improves unique user count

The User Activity Monitoring plugin now counts unique users based on the user’s email address and the user name. Refer to Counting and monitoring user licenses with the CloudBees User Activity Monitoring plugin for more information.

Quiet Start Plugin can be used with Configuration as Code (CasC) for Controllers

Quiet mode could only be activated through the UI. Now, Quiet mode can be activated in both the UI and CasC. Refer to Quiet start for more information.

CloudBees Pipeline Explorer expand page view

As a Pipeline Explorer user, I want the ability to display more of my logs without the Jenkins overhead. The user can now use fullscreen mode to expand the view of the CloudBees Pipeline Explorer and display more log lines.

Easier to select text in CloudBees Pipeline Explorer

As a pipeline user, I want the ability to select text from a line. There is now an improved experience to select text and lines in the main log view of the CloudBees Pipeline Explorer.

Update to view stage selection model in CloudBees Pipeline Explorer

In the tree view stage selection model, a click now triggers filtering, just like clicking on the funnel icon. The double-click expands and collapses the node (it was previously a click).

Contextual linking from pipeline steps view to CloudBees Pipeline Explorer

The Pipeline Explorer is now accessible from the pipeline steps view. All of the steps displayed through the pipeline steps view provide a link to the Pipeline Explorer with the active filter and line, if available.

Pipeline Explorer - Shortcuts

In the Pipeline Explorer, add the ability to display the keyboard shortcuts. The keyboard shortcuts are now available to the CloudBees Pipeline Explorer users.

Allow users to see which Jenkins Java methods are called from Pipelines

Support bundles can now include a new list of Pipeline projects whose last completed build made these calls, including a list of details.

Resolved Issues

Reduce the amount of save requests when updating controllers with CasC

When a connected controller is updated with CasC, only one save request will be made to update all of the properties, so only a minimum number of operations will be performed to update a controller.

Direct links to search results in CloudBees Pipeline Explorer open favorite drawer

In the Pipeline Explorer, the use of a direct link to a search page opened the user’s favorite drawer. Now, if you use a direct link to a search page, it does not open the user’s favorite drawer.

The pipeline-stage-view plugin installed as part of the suggested plugins list

The pipeline-stage-view plugin was removed from the suggested plugins list in the previous release, but was still installed due to transitive dependency in the CloudBees Pipeline Stage View Extensions plugin. The CloudBees Pipeline Stage View Extensions plugin is now also removed from the list of suggested plugins.

Previously created backup and restore jobs fail after Backup plugin update

After updating the Backup plugin to version 3.38.60 or later, backup and restore jobs created before the update (that also used the Remote SFTP server) would fail with a NullPointerException unless the job configuration was resaved. This issue is resolved.

HTTP to HTTPS redirection doesn’t work in EKS with ALB

Since the AWS Load Balancer Controller version 2.4.3, the HTTP to HTTPS redirection does not work anymore. The issue is now fixed. The redirection is now set up using the annotation.

Prevent deadlock when the websocket connection between a controller and the operations center is closed

A deadlock may result when a controller’s connection to the operations center was disrupted and the controller was connected using web sockets. This causes the connection to be unusable and the controller will not reconnect until it is restarted.

Download of Plugins / Core is logged as successful before the start of the download

When downloading Plugins or Core version from an Update Center item page, the plugin would display a "Successful download" in the system logs before the download actually started. The issue has been fixed. The success of the download is logged after completion.

CloudBees CI Helm chart values schema is ineffective for some sections

The CloudBees CI Helm Chart schema is incorrectly formatted and it causes the following sections to be missing: Master, Agents, Persistence, Hibernation, PodSecurityPolicy, NetworkSecurityPolicy, rbac, Common. And consequently make the validation ineffective. The issue has been fixed. The values schema contains all of the relevant sections for validation.

Syntax error in the sidecar-injector Helm template

There was a syntax error in the sidecar-injector Helm template. This issue has been fixed.

Quiet down on managed controller would hang

The action from the operations center to quiet down an managed controller could hang and acquire a lock that would prevent other operations from running on the managed controller. This issue is resolved. A lock is no longer acquired.

Syntax error in sidecar-injector Helm template helpers

There was a syntax error in the sidecar-injector Helm template helpers. This issue is resolved.

Known Issues

Duplicate Pipeline Template Catalogs in the Configuration as Code (CasC) for Controllers jenkins.yaml file on each instance restart

If a Pipeline Template Catalog is configured in the CasC jenkins.yaml file and the id property is not defined, the catalog is duplicated on each instance restart and in the exported CasC configuration.

Error when renaming an existing EC2 cloud

When the name of an existing cloud node is updated, the user receives a 404 error after selecting save. This is because the cloud page uses the cloud name as part of its URL. When the user saves the name, Jenkins sends the user to the URL with the old cloud name. Please note that all node changes are saved successfully.