New features


Feature enhancements

Add Categories to the Plugin Management Links(CBCI-65)

All CloudBees Assurance Program plugins have now been put in their corresponding category under the "Manage Jenkins" page.

Resolved issues

Replace operations center Analytics plugin with the ElasticSearch reporter plugin (CPLT2-6875)

The operations center Analytics plugin reached its end-of-life date in June of 2020. It has been replaced with the ElasticSearch Reporter plugin, which is now included in the CloudBees Assurance Program.

Confusing user experience with Move/Copy/Promote after error (CTR-2970)

When a user attempted to continue with Move/Copy/Promote after receiving an error, the user did not receive an appropriate message indicating whether the action succeeded or failed.

With this fix, users are now informed if the action failed or succeeded.

Links in ServiceNow work notes do not open correctly (CPLT2-6781)

Links posted in the ServiceNow work notes were not opening properly. This issue has been resolved, and links now open in a new tab or window.

The`withAwsCli` pipeline step is broken by the latest pip (CTR-3114)

The latest version of pip is not compatible with python 2.x, so the pip installation, which is done automatically by withAwsCli, fails.

With this fix the step supports both python 2.x and 3.x.

Note that withAwsCli may start failing without any configuration change, as the issue comes from the pip download site. Upgrading to this version of the plugin should solve the issue.

Plugin Usage Analyzer plugin generates incomplete reports (FNDJEN-3388)

The analysis comes to a stop if it encounters a 'null' argument.

The Plugin Usage Analyzer plugin now generates complete reports as the scanning for the analysis has been made more robust to handle ‘null’ arguments in Pipeline nodes.

Version field isn’t being loaded when loading the plugin usage analysis file (FNDJEN-3369)

The version of the stored analysis is not being retrieved when the analysis file is loaded.

The version details are now loaded for future compatibility. This has been achieved by changing the default version number.

CloudBees Update Center not serving the releaseDate field(PRD-2869)

The 'Release' field in the Update Center is always empty.

The release timestamp is now being properly served by CloudBees Update Center and shown in the Plugin Manager’s UI.

Plugin Usage Analyzer plugin causing increased startup time (FNDJEN-3360, FNDJEN-3384)

The plugin usage analysis file is now loaded asynchronously, therefore it no longer blocks the other startup processes. Loading of this file is made more efficient by replacing 'json-lib' with 'jackson'.

Improve performance in fingerprint file creation (FNDJEN-3400)

The performance of the code has been improved by changing from the synchronized method 'FileFingerprintStorage#sav' to a synchronized block within the method.

Known issues


Upgrade notes

CloudBees High Availability plugin

CloudBees has upgraded the JGroups dependency for the CloudBees High Availability plugin, which means instances with JGroups customized through the GUI fail to start and existing jgroups.xml files may no longer be compatible.

Users with instances using the CloudBees High Availability plugin with JGroups customized through the GUI (under Manage Jenkins > Configure System > High Availability Configuration) must be updated to or higher.

Users with instances that have a customized jgroups.xml file in $JENKINS_HOME must update it manually (or switch to using our defaults). See Upgrade guide for instances running High Availability previous to for more information on customizing the configuration.


Revision 2 (2021-02-24)

This revision includes security updates to address vulnerabilities in Jenkins, CloudBees Jenkins Distribution, CloudBees Jenkins Platform and CloudBees CI.