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Remove the jquery and jquery-detached plugins from your CloudBees CI instance

The jquery and jquery-detached plugins have been removed from all CloudBees Jenkins-based products and are no longer part of CloudBees Assurance Program. However, these plugins are not automatically uninstalled from your CloudBees CI instance as other plugins you use may still have dependencies on them. Please ensure that your CloudBees CI instance does not have any dependencies on these plugins, and then remove them. For instructions on how to check for dependencies in a particular plugin, refer to How to determine if a plugin is in use.

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Exception occurred in Jetty client with large HTTP requests (SECO-1226)

When large HTTP requests were submitted while the built-in Winstone/Jetty container was configured to use SSL/TLS connections, the folowing exception could occur:

Encrypted buffer max legnth exceeded

This exception could prevent you from configuring controllers

This issue has been resolved. If you encounter this error, you should upgrade to version as soon as possible.

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