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What’s new in CloudBees CI 2.303.2.6

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Resolved issues

Update Center status error (BEE-8982)

Starting on 19 October 2021 (18:31:36 GMT), you will see an error message on the Plugin Management page on your CloudBees CI instances. This error has no impact on the operational status of your instance; all your builds will run as usual. However, this could impact you when creating new controllers for both online and air-gapped environments.

This release enables plugin installation and updates for instances in air-gapped environments, removes the error from the Plugin Management page, and corrects plugin installation during new controller provisioning for online and air-gapped environments.

Please refer to the following KB article for more information and workarounds:

Known issues

All JENKINS_JAVA_OPTIONS are inlined in a single Java argument (BEE-9272)

In release 2.303.2.3, a new array-based syntax was introduced for JENKINS_JAVA_OPTIONS in order to support arguments that contain spaces. This improvement caused a regression for any configuration variables that were strings.

The new array-based syntax is a more robust and maintainable syntax going forward, but if you upgrade to release 2.303.2.3 or later, all JENKINS_JAVA_OPTIONS are inlined within a single Java argument. Therefore, you will need to modify your configuration file in /etc/sysconfig as documented in the KB article below:

Move/Copy/Promote error (BEE-9464)

Some Move/Copy/Promote operations fail with an error when you attempt to use them between two non-local controllers. When this occurs, Move/Copy/Promote operations do not work for any non-local scenarios until the controller is restarted.

This is a known issue. It will be fixed in a future release. If you experience this issue, please refer to the following knowledge base article for more information and a workaround: