CloudBees CI release highlights

What’s new in CloudBees CI 2.401.2.3

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New Features

CloudBees Pipeline Explorer

The CloudBees Pipeline Explorer offers a streamlined approach to troubleshoot pipelines and view logs. This plugin was developed with a focus on performance to improve your experience for log viewing whether your log files are 5MB or 500MB.

The Pipeline Explorer can visualize the stages of your pipelines in a tree view that gives the ability to filter logs by stages. The log viewport is customizable by user preferences for line numbers, to display ANSI colors from the log text, word wrapping, and custom time formats for timestamps.

The Pipeline Explorer also provides a search feature, permitted through RBAC, so that users can search large files without leaving the Pipeline Explorer interface.

For more information, read the documentation about CloudBees Pipeline Explorer.

Feature Enhancements


Resolved Issues

The cloudbees-analytics plugin included libraries that were not needed at runtime

These libraries are no longer bundled and this reduces the size of the plugin.

Organization Scan hangs when checking for private mode because the GitHub anonymous query limit was reached

The anonymous query to check for private mode is now cached.

Jenkins has switched from javax.inject to jakarta.inject; plugin updates for compatibility

The code for the cloudbees-assurance, cloudbees-license, bluesteel, and operations-center-license plugins were changed to jakarta.inject to remain compatible with new Jenkins versions.

Performance issue on controller to operations center (OC) communication

When a high number of controllers try to connect to the OC simultaneously, there is a high number of threads created in the OC. That produces an overall slowness in any OC - controller communication.

This fix reduces the number of threads by sharing some object instances instead of creating new ones.

Disabling the GitHub checks activated checkbox not accurately reflected in the UI

When users disabled the GitHub checks activated checkbox on the CloudBees CI Configure System page, the UI would still show it as activated.

This issue has been fixed. Additionally, if the user does not select GitHub from the SCM tool list, the checkbox does not appear.

The plugin catalog validation returns warnings for legitimate errors

When the plugin catalog is validated and any issue is detected, the warning message is marked as an error and the bundle is marked as invalid preventing the controller from crashing when the bundle is applied.

This issue is resolved.

Deadlock in the controller connection cycle preventing the operations center to start

There was a potential deadlock during the controller connection process to the operations center. This is now resolved.

Check for newer license button is now hidden on Manage License page when license is managed by an Operations Center

When a controller license is managed by an operations center, the Check for new license should not be visible.

This issue is resolved. The Check for a newer license button is hidden on the Manage License page if the license is managed by the operations center.

Use an OpenID connect flow for single sign on

Historically, the single sign on functionality relied on remoting calls between operations center and controllers. It has been rewritten to use a more standard OpenID connect flow. No migration action is expected, this is a drop in replacement.

Known Issues

HTTP Client used for Operations Center to Controllers connection leads to performance issues

Because of known issues in the Java HTTP Client, there could be performance issues in Operations Center to Controllers interactions in heavily loaded environments.

More details about this issue and workarounds are documented in Operations Center Client leaks HTTP Clients since version 2.401.1.3.

Older versions of controllers cannot start after receiving new bundle versions

When the operations center sends new bundle versions to controllers older than 2.401.1.3, the controller cannot start.

This issue does not affect controllers in version 2.401.1.3 or newer.

There are three ways to fix the issue: * Upgrade all controllers to version 2.401.1.3 or newer. * Stop configuring controllers in versions prior to 2.401.1.3 using CasC. * Install a Plugin Catalog on the operations center with a beekeeper exception to install cloudbees-casc-server:2.5.1. The Plugin Catalog can be enabled in operations center by setting the system property Dcom.cloudbees.jenkins.cjp.installmanager.CJPPluginManager.enablePluginCatalogInOC=true.

Unable to look up some credentials types

System configuration’s text field for "Send analytics events to this URL" shows a 401 status code

The System Configuration screen’s text field for "Send analytics events to this URL" shows a 401 status code even when authentication is in fact correct.

Validating single sign-on configuration with CloudBees Software Delivery Automation fails with a 302 status code

When the user tries to check the Single Sign-On configuration with CloudBees Software Delivery Automation, it fails with a 302 status code.

When validating security realm Single sign-on via CloudBees Software Delivery Automation, the validation could fail with "No subject alternative DNS name found"

When validating security realm Single sign-on via CloudBees Software Delivery Automation, the validation could fail with "No subject alternative DNS name found"

Pipeline Explorer’s tree view displays stages in the wrong order and/or more than once in some cases

The tree view for in-progress builds with nested parallel steps may display some stages in the wrong order, and it may display some stages more than once.

Duplicate Pipeline Template Catalogs in the Configuration as Code (CasC) for Controllers jenkins.yaml file on each instance restart

If a Pipeline Template Catalog is configured in the CasC jenkins.yaml file and the id property is not defined, the catalog is duplicated on each instance restart and in the exported CasC configuration.