CloudBees CasC Items API Plugin 1.14

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RELEASED: Public: 2022-03-09

New features


Feature enhancements

Validation is now performed on the CasC items.yaml file (BEE-10524)

The items.yaml file within the CasC Bundle is now validated to verify:

  • The YAML format is correct.

  • The kind (symbol) of the items are available in the instance. If the kind (symbol) is not available in the instance, a warning is generated, indicating the current file is invalid. However, the entire bundle may still be valid. For example, when creating items, specific plugins must first be installed. If the bundle contains an items.yaml file with the correct kind property for the item type, but the required plugin is not currently installed, a warning is returned. Since the plugin may be installed once the updated bundle has been applied to the instance, the warning indicates that you should verify the required plugin is included in the plugins.yaml file.

  • The roles that are applied to the items are defined in the RBAC configuration. If the roles are not defined, a warning is generated. If these roles are provided by an external resource, then you can ignore the warning.

  • The parent of the item must exist or must be defined in a separate YAML file and applied to the instance, before it is applied to the file currently being validated. If the parent of the item does not exist, an error is generated.

    For more information, refer to:

  • Troubleshooting CasC for the operations center

  • Troubleshooting CasC for controllers

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Known issues


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