CloudBees Backup Plugin 3.38.10

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RELEASED: Public: 2019-03-19

New features

  • Improve diagnosability of non-fatal errors during backups

    Problem: CloudBees Backup Plugin swallows exceptions when the plugin fails to properly close the destination TAR file during the backup

    Fix: Add diagnostics logging for non-fatal exceptions when performing backups to *.tar files. To get the error messages, FINE logging should be enabled for the com.infradna.hudson.plugins.backup.format.FailSafeTarArchiver class

Resolved issues

  • Prevent Azure backup failures in the case of non-critical issues

    Problem: Backup to Azure sometimes fails with a "Stream is already closed" exception due to the error in Azure Client library

    Fix: The plugin has been updated to prevent unhandled exceptions for non-fatal issues coming from the underlying client library. It enhances the fix in 3.38.9 by preventing the exception from happening in other execution paths.

Known issues