ec-perl (Deprecated)

CloudBees CD/RO

ec-perl is a legacy Perl wrapper, based on Perl v5.8.2, that was included with CloudBees CD/RO. In CloudBees CD/RO v2023.12.0, ec-perl was replaced with cb-perl, which is based on Perl v5.32.1. To resolve existing user automation, ec-perl and cb-perl now both use the same wrapper. However, there are some differences between the v5.8.2 and v5.32.1 wrappers.

When updating to CloudBees CD/RO v2023.12.0 or later, you may need to update some legacy automation. For more information, refer to KBEC-00515 - Potential issues when upgrading from ec-perl 5.8 to cb-perl 5.32.