CloudBees CD/RO

A project is a top-level container for related procedures, workflows, schedules, jobs, and properties, which is used to isolate different user groups or functions, and also encapsulate shared facilities.

Projects have two purposes:

  1. Projects let you create separate work areas for different purposes or groups of people so they do not interfere with each other.

    For example, different projects can reuse the same names internally without conflict, and each project has its own access control that determines who can use and modify the project.

    In a small organization, you might choose to keep all work in a single project, but in a large organization, you might want to use projects to organize information and simplify management.

  2. Projects simplify sharing.

    You can create library projects containing shared procedures and invoke these procedures from other projects. After creating a library project, you can copy it easily to other CloudBees CD/RO servers to create uniform processes across your organization.