Cloud credentials

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This page displays all defined cloud credentials.


  • Clicking a credential name opens its details.

  • Create a new credential.

  • Edit or delete a credential by clicking the corresponding icon in the Actions column.

    Before editing or deleting a cloud credential, make sure that no resources are using it. If it is already in use, the following error appears:

    The cloud credential <credential> is in use by <resource>. Editing or deleting it is not allowed

    In this case, you must create a new cloud credential (see Create or Edit Cloud Credentials ), modify the resource to use the new cloud credential (see Resources - Create or Edit a Resource ), and then delete the original one.

Column descriptions

Field Description


User-defined name assigned to the credential at create time.


User-supplied description.

Provider type

Cloud provider types: Kubernetes, Azure, EC2, or Google Cloud Platform


Icons to edit or delete credentials.