KBEC-00282 – Creating a codeless plugin

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How is a Codeless Plugin created, for example I wish to save a particular version of a project before making changes to it, so that it can continue to be used by other teams.


There is a plugin available on our github website that was created by one of Professional Services Engineers to assist with Administrative tasks, EC-Admin. Among the many procedures available in EC-Admin are two that can be used to create a plugin, createPluginfromProject, and projectAsCode. The second procedure is the newer of the two and has more functionality built into it.

1)You can use the old procedure named createPluginFromProject.

This procedure requires access to the jar or zip executable in the PATH.

2) or, there is a new procedure in EC-Admin called projectAsCode

This procedure requires access to a resource with the CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) SDK installed. The CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) SDK can be downloaded from our Sharefile under CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow)/Integrations.

Both methods require the Project name to be made into a plugin, and a version number.

You can download the EC-Admin plugin from here:

For information about the individual options on each of these commands, please review the plugin Help page, available once the plugin is installed, on the right hand side of the plugin page, under the link "Help".

If, after looking at these procedures, you have any questions, please contact Customer Support.