KBEC-00458 - Required data: Performance issue with CloudBees CD/RO

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Your CloudBees CD/RO server’s web UI is responding slowly, or you have other reasons to believe your CD server is encountering a performance issue, and you’d like to open a support ticket to get help.



The required data is:

  1. Symptoms - Screen shots of what you see in the UI, or a description of what you see in the UI that makes you suspect a performance issue

  2. Time range - Approximate time range when this issue was observed, including the time zone

  3. Logs - the commander.log from that timeframe

  4. If you have Garbage Collection logs enabled, then upload the gc logs from the path -Xloggc:$path/gc.log

  5. Clear the system statistics:

    ectool --server localhost login admin ectool dumpStatistics --clearStatistics true > ~/dumpStatistics_hostName_Before.txt
  6. Then reproduce the slowness, and generate diagnostics data:

    ectool --server localhost login admin ectool getServerStatus --diagnostics 1 > GSS_hostName.txt ectool dumpStatistics > dumpStatistics_hostName_After.txt
  7. Attach the generated files dumpStatistics_hostName_Before.txt`, dumpStatistics_hostName_After.txt, and GSS_hostName.txt

  8. Run getJobDetails on a specific job to test if the slowness is in the UI or the backend

  9. Attach the output of running collectPerformanceData.sh with the PID of your CD server process:

    1. Check you have the required tools to run the script included in the $PATH. The collectPerformanceData.sh script collects thread dumps using the jstack command. It also needs to be able to run top, vmstat, netstat, nfsiostat, nfsstat and iostat. Please make sure that the user running this script can execute all of these commands.

    2. Execute the script while the issue is occurring.

      cd /tmp/ curl https://s3.amazonaws.com/cloudbees-jenkins-scripts/e206a5-linux/collectPerformanceData.sh -o collectPerformanceData.sh # optional, but strongly recommended: download busybox so 'top' and 'top -H' can be collected if those commands are not available on the system curl https://busybox.net/downloads/binaries/1.35.0-x86_64-linux-musl/busybox -o busybox export BUSYBOX_HOME=/tmp chmod +x collectPerformanceData.sh chmod +x busybox jps ./collectPerformanceData.sh PID
  10. The output file name will be performanceData.PID.output.tar.gz. Attach this file to the support ticket.

The output from this script can be understood by reviewing What is collectPerformanceData.sh and how does it help?.

Tested product/plugin versions

CloudBees CD V8.0.5, V10.0