Backup and restore

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Basic steps

What does the backup and restore process involve for a Jenkins-based deployment?

The basic steps for backup:

  1. Determine what you want to backup using Explaining $JENKINS_HOME.

  2. Determine how often you want to backup your $JENKINS_HOME.

  3. Determine how you want to schedule the backup (cron is recommended if available).

  4. Consider our Best practices for backup and restore.

  5. If you are running CloudBees Jenkins Platform, decide between performing manual backups or using the CloudBees Backup Plugin. Other deployments should perform manual backups.

For the restore process:

  1. Consider our Best practices for backup and restore.

  2. If you performed a manual backup, restore $JENKINS_HOME manually.

  3. If you are using CloudBees Jenkins Platform, you can use the CloudBees Backup Plugin to create a job to recover from backup.

  4. If you need to restore jobs to a different Jenkins instance ID, follow the procedure in the Restoring credentials section.