Installing CloudBees Previews

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CloudBees Previews is a Preview feature.
A Preview feature:
  • Has not undergone end-to-end testing with CloudBees products

  • Is provided without service-level agreements (SLA) and therefore does not include CloudBees' commitment on functionality or performance

  • May impact other stable areas of the product when used

  • May have limited documentation

  • May not be feature complete during the Preview period

  • May graduate from preview state to fully supported or be removed from the product

  • May introduce incompatible, backward-breaking changes that could revoke the ability to upgrade

Product features and documentation are frequently updated. If you find an issue or have a suggestion, please contact CloudBees Support.

The following section shows you how to install CloudBees Previews to create preview environments for your projects.

You must meet the following requirements to install CloudBees Previews:

Prepare by saving your CloudBees CI license to disk, as two files: a certificate and a private key. (Use a permanent license from the operations center, not a temporary license from a managed controller.) You can find your license at for example if CloudBees CI is running and you are an administrator:

Now to install CloudBees Previews, proceed to Installing CloudBees Previews.