Setting up CloudBees Previews

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CloudBees Previews is a Preview feature.
A Preview feature:
  • Has not undergone end-to-end testing with CloudBees products

  • Is provided without service-level agreements (SLA) and therefore does not include CloudBees' commitment on functionality or performance

  • May impact other stable areas of the product when used

  • May have limited documentation

  • May not be feature complete during the Preview period

  • May graduate from preview state to fully supported or be removed from the product

  • May introduce incompatible, backward-breaking changes that could revoke the ability to upgrade

Product features and documentation are frequently updated. If you find an issue or have a suggestion, please contact CloudBees Support.

After you have installed CloudBees Previews, you can configure it for your environment.


The following prerequisites are required to configure CloudBees Previews:

  • CloudBees Previews Helm chart, installed as per the installation instructions

  • Admin access to the installation cluster

  • A CI pipeline that builds the preview image

Refer to Configuring CloudBees Previews for the first time to begin the basic configuration process or Set up a production installation on Google Cloud for an example of a fully-configured CloudBees Previews environment.

You can optionally configure CloudBees Previews to use: