Supported platforms for CloudBees Previews

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CloudBees Previews is a Preview feature.
A Preview feature:
  • Has not undergone end-to-end testing with CloudBees products

  • Is provided without service-level agreements (SLA) and therefore does not include CloudBees' commitment on functionality or performance

  • May impact other stable areas of the product when used

  • May have limited documentation

  • May not be feature complete during the Preview period

  • May graduate from preview state to fully supported or be removed from the product

  • May introduce incompatible, backward-breaking changes that could revoke the ability to upgrade

Product features and documentation are frequently updated. If you find an issue or have a suggestion, please contact CloudBees Support.

CloudBees Previews is a preview feature available to CloudBees CI customers as of March 2022. Your environment must meet the following requirements to install CloudBees Previews:

  • CNCF-certified Kubernetes Platform Certified Kubernetes Distribution or Platform Certified Kubernetes Hosted, cluster versions 1.19 through 1.23.

  • Kubernetes Ingress controller, for example NGINX Ingress Controller

    If you use NGINX Ingress Controller, 0.x versions are not compatible with CloudBees Previews; use the latest 1.x version.
  • Helm 3