CloudBees CI on modern cloud platforms

Rolling release: 2019-04-10

Based on Jenkins LTS 2.164.2-cb-1

Security advisories

New features

Pipeline Template Catalogs

CloudBees Pipeline Template Catalogs give your organization the ability to enforce consistency. Teams can now create centralized templates for standard Pipelines, store these catalogs in source control, and use them to standardize Pipelines across a team or an entire organization.

Resolved issues

Master startup failing with permission denied error (CPLT2-5481)

Problem: When running a derived docker image that declared a new user with a custom UID which was not in GID 0, master startup would fail with an error of /etc/passwd: permission denied.

Solution: The code now checks to see whether a user is already in /etc/passwd before attempting to add the user.

Master display performance issues (CPLT2-5468)

Problem: The master display could be slow if it was connected to a high-latency remote Kubernetes instance.

Solution: We moved Kubernetes health checks to a separate thread so that they don’t block display threads.

Remove problematic language from Operations Center

Problem: There were inappropriate instances of the word "slave" throughout the Operations Center code and documentation

Solution: We have renamed the "slave" entity to "agent" and updated the code and documentation appropriately.

CloudBees Backup Plugin not displaying exceptions

Problem: The CloudBees Backup Plugin "swallows" exceptions when the plugin fails to properly close the destination TAR file during the backup.

Solution: We added diagnostics logging for non-fatal exceptions when performing backups to TAR files. Now, if you want to get these error messages, you can enable FINE logging for the com.infradna.hudson.plugins.backup.format.FailSafeTarArchiver class

Backup to Azure fails for CloudBees Backup Plugin post 3.35

Problem: Azure backups sometimes fail with a "Stream is already closed" exception due to an error in the Azure Client library.

Solution: We’ve updated the plugin to prevent unhandled exceptions for non-fatal issues that originate with the underlying client library. This work enhances the fix in 3.38.9 by preventing exceptions from happening in other execution paths.

Known issues

Pipeline stages, parallels, and step incorrectly marked unstable

When there is a build with an unstable stage, parallel, or step, all the stages, parallels, and steps are incorrectly marked as unstable instead of just the unstable one that caused the Pipeline to be unstable. This is a known issue in the pipeline-graph-analysis plugin.


Revision 3 (2020-04-14)

Plugin updates

Revision 2 (2019-04-10)

Security Advisory