CloudBees CI on modern cloud platforms

Rolling release: 2021-04-20

Based on Jenkins LTS 2.277.2-cb-6

New features


Feature enhancements


Resolved issues

Helm chart chooses wrong Ingress when the minor version number contains a + (BEE-2750)

When the Kubernetes MinorVersion value contained a +, the Helm chart was choosing the wrong Ingress. This issue mainly occurred in cloud environments (Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, Google Kubernetes Engine, Azure Kubernetes Service) and Kubernetes forks.

This issue has been resolved. The Helm chart now views MinorVersion as a string and not an integer, so it is unaffected if the number contains a +.

Known issues

OperationsCenter.Hostname is no longer optional (BEE-3186)

A known issue has changed the behavior of the OperationsCenter.HostName value. Until the issue is resolved, you must either configure a hostname or change the system properties when you install CloudBees CI on modern cloud platforms.

Refer to the links below for more information about how to configure the hostname or change the system properties:


Revision 2 (2021-04-21)

This revision includes security updates to address vulnerabilities in Jenkins, CloudBees Jenkins Distribution, CloudBees Jenkins Platform, and CloudBees CI.

Revision 3 (2021-04-27)
Unable to use provided settings.xml for Maven Configuration (BEE-3617)

There is an error in version 3.7.1 of the Config File Provider plugin, which is included in version of CloudBees CI and CloudBees Jenkins Distribution, and versions and of CloudBees Jenkins Platform. The error prevents the user from using the provided settings.xml and the provided global settings.xml for the Maven Configuration on the Global Tool Configuration page. This is now corrected in version 3.7.2 of the Config File Provider plugin.